Things to Consider When Writing a Realistic Outdoor Scene

By Gia Stone on May 26th, 2015

Writing a love scene that takes place outdoors can be both exciting and difficult. There are many things you need to consider to make the story realistic and relatable. For instance, if the characters are on the beach, are they going to partake in the activity while on the sand? You have to think about whether or not they are going to be on a towel or a sun lounger. Sand is fun to walk in but to have in other places not so much... Are the characters on soft grass or is the ground hard? If they are leaning against a tree is it jagged? Are they alone? Is it raining? Question everything and answer some things. You don’t want to get bogged down on the details and have your readers irritated with the pacing and over descriptions. Give them a taste of what you’re serving and let them enjoy the flavors without you listing off each ingredient. Comedy. Writing a romance with comedy is fun for the reader and the writer. Having an outdoor sex scene can provide for great fodder. What if the couple is out in the ocean and they decide to have a quickie underneath the waves? All is great in that moment until one of them has lost their suit. If they’re at a public beach, what do they do? Maybe they’re in the midst of a tryst and a bee stings one of them on their behind. Yikes. Even if you appreciate a good smack on the arse that is going to hurt. The main thing to capture in any romance love scene is sensuality. Did your characters get so caught up in their attraction for each other that they just had to engage in the sexual act while outdoors? You want the characters to feel the physical touches from their partner and to have an emotional connection with the sexual act. As a reader I want to be caught up in the moment and hang a do not disturb sign around my neck. I want the hero to say things that I’ll think about for days. It doesn’t need to be all dialogue though. Internal thoughts from the characters are also important. How are they feeling in this moment? Are they warmed from the sun’s rays or is their blood running wildly in their veins? Does a cascade of sparklers tingle down their arms and cause their toes to curl into a ball? Each kiss, each touch, each word should keep the reader in the moment. You want to make sure the movements and pacing for each stroke or nip from someone’s teeth, is on point. Most importantly though, everyone should enjoy it. Romance is all about the pleasure of the mind and body.

---- About the author: Gia Stone is a former club promoter that has lost count. She might have been a contestant on The Bachelor, but don't ask what happened when the cameras weren't rolling. Her dating life has been full of adventures that she never would have imagined or maybe she could...either way it's been a wild ride. Gia is still on the hunt for her happily ever after, in the meanwhile she enjoys finding ways to create them for her characters. Find her on twitter @giastonewriter and facebook.