Josephine Angelini has published 6 novels, with an average book rating of 4.13 /5 stars. Many books belong to the genres fantasy, paranormal, young adult and mystery and are set in contemporary times.

A very well recieved series by Josephine Angelini are the contemporary fantasy Starcrossed books, featuring paranormal, magic, urban fantasy and young adult tropes. A second much read series are the historical fantasy The Worldwalker Trilogy novels, tagged as young adult, urban fantasy, strong heroine and love triangle. The best liked books are Goddess, Dreamless, Starcrossed and Starcrossed City. Josephine Angelini's latest book is Trial by Fire which was published in 2014.

Want to know where to start? You might enjoy Starcrossed City (Starcrossed #1) and Trial by Fire (The Worldwalker Trilogy #1).

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