Caroline Hanson has been writing romance books for 8 years. In total she has published 11 novels.

A much liked series by Caroline Hanson are the contemporary fantasy Valerie Dearborn books, featuring love triangle, werewolves, vampires and paranormal tropes. Another popular series are the contemporary magic Megan Stephens novels, which are also tagged with fantasy, werewolves, urban fantasy and witches. The most popular books by Caroline Hanson are A Lady Out of Time, The Valerie Dearborn Trilogy, A Lady Most Dangerous and Remembered. Her latest book is Coveted by the Infinite which was published in 2018.

If you want to start reading Hanson's books, why not try Love is Darkness (Valerie Dearborn #1) and Bewitching the Werewolf (Megan Stephens #1).

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