Deborah Smith

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  • At Home in Mossy Creek (Mossy Creek #6)

    Deborah Smith, Sandra Chastain, Debra Dixon, Martha Crockett, Sabrina Jeffries, Carmen Green, Susan Goggins, Maureen Hardegree

    ·  2007

    It's Valentine's Day weekend in Mossy Creek, and Creekites don't need any new romantic dilemmas. The town's still buzzing over Ida and Amos's kiss. Hannah's heart flutters every time a certain handsome Scottish photographer walks into her library. Peggy's debating her first real date since her husband died. Harry's keeping a romantic secret from Josie. Sandy's got a romantic surprise for Jess... more

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  • Blessings of Mossy Creek (Mossy Creek #4)

    Deborah Smith, Sandra Chastain, Virginia Ellis, Debra Dixon, Martha Shields, Berta Platas, Rita Herron, Martha Kirkland, Karen White, Gayle Trent, Missy Tippens, Susan Goggins, Lillian Richey, Chloe Mitchell

    ·  2007

    The good-hearted citizens of Mossy Creek, Georgia are in a mood to count their blessings. Maybe it's the influence of the new minister in town, who keeps his sense of humor while battling a stern church treasurer. Maybe it's the afterglow of Josie McClure's incredibly romantic wedding to the local "Bigfoot." Or maybe it's the new baby in Hank and Casey Blackshear's home... more

  • A Day in Mossy Creek (Mossy Creek #5)

    Deborah Smith, Sandra Chastain, Virginia Ellis, Debra Dixon, Carmen Green, Donna Sterling, Carolyn McSparren, Sabrina Jeffries, Susan Goggins, Maureen Hardegree

    ·  2006

    Maybe it's the post-New Year's boredom. Maybe it's the cold, frisky air. Whatever the cause, the citizens of Mossy Creek seem determined to get into trouble on a clear winter day in mid-January. Police Chief Amos Royden and his loyal officers, Mutt and Sandy, can barely keep up with the calls. Hank and Casey Blackshear's great aunt Irene, 93, leads a protest march of angry old folks - on their electric scooters... more

  • Blue Willow

    Deborah Smith

    ·  1993

    Back in the small town of her childhood, Lily MacKenzie rekindles old flames with Artemas Colebrook, a boyhood friend and a family enemy.

  • A Place to Call Home

    Deborah Smith

    ·  1998

    Twenty years ago, Claire Maloney was the willful, pampered, tomboyish daughter of the town's most respected family, but that didn't stop her from befriending Roan Sullivan, a fierce, motherless boy who lived in a rusted-out trailer amid junked cars. No one in Dunderry, Georgia--least of all Claire's family--could understand the bond between these two mavericks. But Roan and Claire belonged together.. more

  • The Pickle Queen (The MacBrides #2)

    Deborah Smith

    ·  2013

    Pickles are mentioned in the Bible. Cleopatra ate them as a beauty regimen. Shakespeare put them in his plays. Mason designed jars for bottling them. So did Ball. Did Mason and Ball fight over the King of the Pickle Jars title? I don't know. I did know this much: I used pickles to keep fear, pride, and my love of Jay Wakefield behind a door I would not risk opening again. Even now. Wakefields take what they want. MacBrides never surrender... more

  • Summer In Mossy Creek (Mossy Creek #3)

    Deborah Smith, Anne Bishop, Kimberly Brock

    ·  2003

    It's a typical summer in the good-hearted mountain town of Mossy Creek, Georgia, where love, laughter and friendship make nostalgia a way of life. Creekites are always ready for a sultry romance, a funny feud or a sincere celebration, and this summer is no different. Get ready for a comical battle over pickled beets and a spy mission to recover hijacked chow-chow peppers. Meet an unforgettable parakeet named Tweedle Dee and a lovable dog named Dog... more

  • The Yarn Spinner: A Crossroads Café Short Story (The MacBrides #3)

    Deborah Smith

    ·  2014

    A Crossroads Café Short Story 27 pages long She's destined to love Gus MacBride--if she survives her first year in the Crossroads Cove. A thread of hope is all she needs. Damaged, confused, alone. Cathy Deen Mitternich recognizes her old self in the fragile survivor huddled in the sheep barn's storage room at Rainbow Goddess Farm. Former art teacher Lucy Parmenter may be beyond even the tough-love magic of the farm, a live-in counseling center for abused women... more