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  • Heart of the West

    Penelope Williamson

    ·  2013

    Clementine Kennicutt, a ladylike New Englander, aches to leave her home and her oppressive father. So when Gus McQueen, a cowboy with laughing eyes and big dreams, presses her to elope with him to his Montana ranch, she is ready... more

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  • Once in a Blue Moon

    Penelope Williamson

    ·  1993

    Those who knew spoke of the infamous Trelawny men in hushed, shocked whispers. But to flame-haired Jessalyn Letty, wild, captivating child of the storm-tossed Cornish moors, McCady Trelawny was the most fascinating man she had ever met. Few knew of the dream that burned in McCady's secret soul - a dream destined to change the world. But Jessalyn knew and shared his passion. Only she believed in his miraculous vision...and in the love he awoke in her hungry, yearning heart...

  • Hearts Beguiled

    Penelope Williamson

    ·  1989

    There was magic the moment they met... She was a flame-haired beauty fleeing from those who would kidnap her young son, the duke's only heir. He was a brilliant scientist- handsome, dynamic...and completely reckless in the presence of the spirited, independent young widow whose flashing eyes set his blood on fire. His searing kisses left her shaken, yet helpless to deny him or her own desire. But both were concealing dark and dangerous secrets- secrets that hinted at lies and betrayal.. more

  • The Outsider

    Penelope Williamson

    ·  2014

    After Rachel Yoder's husband is murdered by outlaws in an act of outrageous greed, she must raise her 10-year-old son alone on the Montana Plains. One day, a handsome stranger dying from a gunshot wound walks into her ranch. With simple kindness, she treats his injury and nurses him back to health. Soon Rachel finds herself drawn to this mysterious outsider with a violent past--and must put her future on the line for a last chance at happiness.

  • Wings of Desire

    Elizabeth Lambert, Penelope Williamson

    ·  1989

    His passion gave her wings, but... Marry daredevil flier and notorious womanizer, Linc Cameron? Never! Still, Cassie had no choice if she hoped to compete in the transcontinental aeroplane race. She'd have to wed her new co-pilot or forfeit the race. Once they won the grand prize, they could part with no regrets. Or could they...? As they soared across the vast country, Cassie began to change her mind about saying goodbye to Linc... more

  • Keeper of the Dream

    Penelope Williamson

    ·  1992

    Blessed with the Welsh gift of "sight," Lady Arianna saw the vision in a golden bowl. A knight with eyes gray as the English sea that had captured her, his sword about to pierce her heart. And she trembled, not with fear, but with a desire that engulfed her very soul. On the treacherous border of Wales, Raine, the Black Dragon, rides his charger toward Castle Rhuddlan and the lady within... more

  • The Passions of Emma

    Penelope Williamson

    ·  1997

    Born to a life of wealth and privilege in turn-of-the-century Rhode Island, Emma Tremayne's life is all mapped out for her--including her engagement to the town's most eligible bachelor. Emma's sheltered world is shattered, however, when she discovers the horrifying working conditions in her fiance's textile mill. And when she encounters Shay McKenna, a brave Irish revolutionary, she learns what it will take to defy society's conventions, and experience a love she never thought possible.

  • Mortal Sins (Daman Rourke #1)

    Penelope Williamson

    ·  2000

    In 1927 New Orleans, attorney Charles St. Clair is brutally stabbed, and his wife, Hollywood goddess Remy Lelourie, is found covered in his blood. Detective Daman Rourke, who loved and lost Remy years ago, is torn between old loyalties and his pursuit of the truth, and follows a trail that plunges him into the secrets and sins of New Orleans's oldest family.