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  • Heart of the Falcon

    Suzanne Robinson

    ·  1996

    Only one woman could win the... Heart of the Falcon . All her life, raven-haired Anqet had basked in the tranquility of Nefer...until the day her father died and her uncle descended upon the estate, hungry for her land, hungry for her. Desperate to escape his cruel obsession, she fled. But now, masquerading as a commoner in the magnificent city of Thebes, Anqet faces a new danger. Mysterious and seductive, Count Seth seems to be a soldier loyal to the pharaoh... more

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  • When You Wish

    Jane Feather, Patricia Coughlin, Elizabeth Elliott, Sharon Curtis, Tom Curtis, Patricia Potter, Suzanne Robinson

    ·  1997

    To thine own wish be true. Do not follow the moth to the star. So says the message in an exquisite green bottle. Is it a wish? A warning? A spell to cast over a lover? In these six charming love stories, a mysterious bottle brings a touch of magic to the lives of all who possess it.... "Wishful Thinking" by Jane Feather. To be taken seriously as a scientist, the bespectacled Rosie Belmont passes herself off as a man.. more

  • Lady Gallant (European Renaissance Duo #1)

    Suzanne Robinson

    ·  1991

    AN INNOCENT TEMPTRESS The ladies of the palace called Nora Becket "mouse." But beneath her shy, artless ways hid the heart of a lioness. A daring spy in Queen Mary's court, she risked her life to rescue the innocent from a terrible fate. Yet it was Nora who needed rescuing when cutthroats attacked her--and when Christian de Rivers, a lusty, sword-wielding rogue, swept her out of harm's way ... and into his arms... more

  • Lady Valiant (St. John Family #1)

    Suzanne Robinson

    ·  1993

    A REBELLIOUS BEAUTY Once Mary, Queen of Scots, had been her closest friend. Now Thea Hunt was determined to pay back the queen's kindness--by journeying to Scotland to warn her away from a treacherous marriage. But in the thick of an English forest, Thea suddenly finds herself set upon by thieves ... and chased down by a golden-haired highwayman who'd still her struggles--and stir her heart--with one penetrating glance from his fiery blue eyes... more

  • Lady Dangerous (The English Gunslingers Duet, #1)

    Suzanne Robinson

    ·  1994

    A BEAUTIFUL DECEIVER Liza Elliot had a very good reason for posing as a maid in the house of the notorious Viscount Radcliffe. It was the only way the daring beauty could discover whether this sinister nobleman had been responsible for her brother's murder. But Liza never knew how much she risked until the night she came face-to-face with the dangerously arresting and savagely handsome viscount himself... more

  • Lady Hellfire (Ladies Series #2)

    Suzanne Robinson

    ·  1992

    A Defiant Beauty After she braved the perils of the wild frontier, there wasn't a man alive that Kate couldn't handle—or so the reckless spitfire thought—until she found herself on British soil and in the presence of the devilishly disturbing Marquess of Richfield. Dangerously attractive, mysteriously tormented, he ignored her, disarmed her, enticed her, But Alexis had too many women in his life, and Kate vowed she'd never be just one more.. more

  • Lord of the Dragon

    Suzanne Robinson

    ·  1995

    The day he was banished from England, his fellow knights thought they’d seen the last of Gray de Valence. But the ruthless, emerald-eyed warrior had done more than survive in a world of barbaric dangers, he’d triumphed. Now, eager to pay back his betrayers, de Valence has come home only to find his plans threatened, not by another man but by a volatile, unpredictable, ravishingly beautiful woman... more