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  • Hot Chocolate (Winston Brothers #1)

    Suzanne Forster, Lori Foster, Elda Minger, Fayrene Preston

    ·  1999

    With delectable stories by USA Today bestselling authors Suzanne Forster and Lori Foster-and national bestselling authors Elda Minger and Fayrene Preston-this popular anthology is sweet, steamy, and very satisfying.

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  • The Fling

    Elda Minger

    ·  2002

    When Patti finds herself stranded at the altar, she and her cousin Kate decide not to let a perfectly good honeymoon vacation go to waste. They head for Hawaii ready for anything-even Cherry Jubilee. Cherry's looking for a good fling, and she's more than happy to bring Patti and Kate along for the ride. Now these girls have turned the tables on men-and the games have begun. But one of them might just find the one thing they least expected-a man worth keeping.

  • Sizzle! (Sensual Romance)

    Lori Foster, Elda Minger

    ·  1999

    Body Heat -- Lori Foster Melanie Tucker found herself trapped on the same party boat with nemesis Adam Stone! He was still too smooth, too sexy. And it was too much when they both fell overboard -- and wound up stranded together! What could they do about all that delicious body heat sizzling between them? Slow Burn -- Elda Minger Ten days of sun and surf at a luxury resort... more

  • Ever After

    Elda Minger

    ·  2012

    What readers are saying about Elda Minger's romance novels: "She has a writing style that makes you feel as if you are right there and REALLY know the characters!!!" (ibuginvirginia) "I've always loved Elda Minger's books, and this one was wonderful . . . it touched me." (Betsy from the Burbs) "I fell in love with these characters. This was such a good story that I couldn't put it down... more

  • Cinderella Christmas

    Elda Minger

    ·  2013

    Eve has been in love with her boss, Nick, for the entire time she's been his personal assistant. But he's never noticed her. Because of previous mishaps at other jobs, Eve chooses to hide herself with dowdy clothing, over-sized glasses and an unflattering hairstyle. When her girlfriends confront her with the fact that she's not dating, Eve realizes she has to deal with her attraction to Nick and get him out of her system. One kiss, that's all she wants. Operation Stealth Elf is born... more

  • The Fling (The Wedding Collection)

    Elda Minger

    ·  2016

    When fate steps in and a wedding goes wrong, true love may be just around the corner! Kate Prescott's cousin, Patti, is jilted at the altar. Kate, the now non-maid of honor, decides that Patti's perfectly good, non-refundable honeymoon shouldn't go to waste! On the flight to Hawaii, the two women meet Cherry Jubilee, a showgirl from Las Vegas determined to bag a Maui billionaire. Cherry tells Kate and Patti that she'll teach them how to get exactly what they want... more

  • Velvet Fire

    Elda Minger

    ·  1987

    High Price It was a cruel twist of fate that brought Gwyn to the Dark Stallion. As a country vicar’s daughter, the beautiful young woman had nowhere to turn after she was indentured to Janet Wickens, the madame of London's most fashionable whorehouse. Knowing that her innocence would bring a high reward to fill Janet's coffers made Gwvn pray for a gentle man with a kind soul to come to her rescue... more

  • Embrace the Night

    Elda Minger

    ·  1994

    A new series--Tea Rose Romances--celebrates the glorious splendor of England. Each book features a full-color, detachable postcard on the cover. This first novel in the series tells the Cinderella story of Lucinda Townsend, whose prince charming (the Duke of Grenville) rescues her from her wicked stepmother, but nearly dies as a result--because someone wants their happiness shattered. Watch for the next Tea Rose title in September.