Amber Scott has been writing romance novels for over 11 years and has published 14 books in that time. A lot of her books fall within the genre s fantasy and paranormal and are set in contemporary times.

A very popular series by Amber Scott are the medieval paranormal Moon Magick books, featuring fantasy, historical, magic and urban fantasy tropes. Another well liked series are the contemporary urban fantasy ParaRealm novels, which are also tagged with suspense, vampires, fantasy and paranormal. The most favourited books by Amber Scott are Kissed from Beyond, Bullets, Brass, & Babes: A Thriller Anthology, Enchanted Moon and A Love Soul Deep. Her latest book is Enchanted Moon which was published in 2013.

If you want to get started with Scott's novels, why not try Irish Moon (Moon Magick #1) and Fierce Dawn (ParaRealm #1).

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