Kate Steele has been writing books for over 14 years and has published an incredible total of 48 novels alltogether. Many of her books fall within the genres fantasy, paranormal, erotica and m-m and are set in contemporary times.

A much liked series by Kate Steele are the contemporary werewolves Hoosier Werewolf books, featuring paranormal, fantasy, urban fantasy and erotica tropes. Another popular series are the contemporary shapeshifters Whispering Springs Werewolves novels, which are also tagged with werewolves, alpha male, paranormal and fantasy. The most popular books by Kate Steele are Hoosier Werewolves, Fire's Heat, Transcending Darkness and Lions Tigers and Bears. Her latest book is Switcher's Rhapsody which was published in 2019.

If you want to get started with Steele's fiction, we suggest Midnight Howl (Hoosier Werewolf #1) and To Trust a Wolf (Whispering Springs Werewolves #1).

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