Michelle Sagara West has been writing romance novels for over 25 years and has published 11 books in that time. A lot of her books fall within the genres fantasy, paranormal, magic and urban fantasy and are set in contemporary times.

A much liked series by Michelle Sagara West are the contemporary fantasy Books of the Sundered books, featuring dark tropes. Another much read series are the contemporary paranormal The Queen of the Dead novels, which are also tagged with fantasy, urban fantasy, young adult and mystery. The most favourited books by Michelle Sagara West are Cast in Ruin, Cast in Chaos, Cast in Peril and Vengeance Fantastic. Her latest book is Touch which was published in 2014.

If you want to start reading West's fiction, you might enjoy Into the Dark Lands (Books of the Sundered #1) and Silence (The Queen of the Dead #1).

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