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  • Cowboy Country

    Sandy Sullivan, Deb Julienne, Lilly Christine, RaeAnne Hadley, D'Ann Lindun

    ·  2016

    Welcome to Cowboy Country...where the horses hit the trails and the men are rugged and sexy.... Stay and visit a while... Trouble with a Cowboy by Sandy Sullivan: Jacie Hawkins needs to find a hot cowboy to release some of her pent up frustrations on for the night, but wannabe's aren't her style. Tucker Marshall needs a big-rig driver to haul his prize bull to National Finals Rodeo and he needs one fast... more

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  • Santa Wore Spurs

    Becky McGraw, Sable Hunter, Desiree Holt, Sandy Sullivan

    ·  2013

    SANTA WORE SPURS is a wickedly hot Christmas anthology by Desiree Holt, Sable Hunter, Becky McGraw and Sandy Sullivan. This year you won’t need cocoa, you’ll want a fan and a hot cowboy! You’ll find four hot cowboys in this scorching contemporary western romance anthology... more

  • Lost Soul (Lone Star Burn Universe)

    Sandy Sullivan

    ·  2016

    Brock Callahan has spent the last fifteen years in federal prison for a murder he didn’t commit. Hardened beyond redemption, he heads back to Bard Texas to find the person who framed him only to run into the one woman he hasn’t been able to forget. Today, his world began to turn again. Libby Reynolds loved and lost at the tender age of sixteen when the man of her dreams was tried and convicted of murder... more

  • A Cowboy for Christmas

    Sandy Sullivan

    ·  2016

    Eli Chandler isn’t looking for love, only shelter from a nasty snow storm on his trip to buy stock. When the light from a roadside diner beckons like a beacon in the night, he stops only to find one lone waitress holding down the fort. One night in a beautiful woman’s arms would hold him for a while... more

  • The Omega Team: SEALed by Love (The Omega Team Kindle World)

    Sandy Sullivan

    ·  2016

    Colt Ryder is tough. The SEALs made him that way. When he is sent back to his hometown to help his former best friend, he realizes tough isn’t enough once Sophie gets under his skin. Will he be able to forget her betrayal and help her save her place? Sophie Nix is in trouble. Drug runners are using her land to bring cocaine into Texas and she needs help stopping them from cutting her fences. Her ranch hands are good, of that she has no doubt, but she needs professionals to catch the bad guys... more

  • Temptation (Shadows of the Heart #1)

    Sandy Sullivan

    ·  2017

    Charlie Abrams didn’t know what she’d find when she drove down the gravel driveway of her new home. It certainly wasn’t the sexy cowboy coming out of her barn wearing no shirt, low slung jeans, and dirty boots. Fresh out of a nasty divorce, the last thing she needs is another man. Caleb Armstrong thought he was taking a new job training horses for a city slicker wannabe where he could make some quick money and move on until he ran into his new boss... more

  • Advertising For Love

    Sandy Sullivan

    ·  2010

    Cassie doesn’t have time for a man, not on a permanent basis anyway. Establishing her advertising business holds her heart until she notices an intriguing gentleman visiting The Flower Basket every other day. His brilliant blue eyes, broad shoulders and muscled chest haunt her waking hours and invade her midnight dreams until she comes face to face with her mystery man. Cassandra Meyer... more

  • Indulgence - A Million Words of Romance

    Nina Levine, Sharon Hamilton, Amity Cross, Audrey Carlan, Cat Mason, Cynthia Sax, Deanndra Hall, Jamie Salisbury, JM Witt, Kelley Grealis, Laura Harner, Liz Crowe, Sandy Sullivan, Skye Callahan, Theresa Troutman

    ·  2015

    “Indulgence: A million words of romance” ~ Fifteen rich, full-length novels by fifteen of today’s hottest authors in one magnificent anthology”Over $40... more