Emilie Rose has published 54 books, with an average book rating of 3.60 out of 5 stars. A lot of her books are set in contemporary times.

A highly rated series by Emilie Rose are the contemporary The Hightower Affairs books, featuring tropes. Another popular series are the contemporary The Payback Affairs novels, tagged as . The most popular books by Emilie Rose are Trust Fund Affairs (Silhouette Desire), A Cop's Honor, Delaney's Desert Sheikh & Expecting Brand's Baby and Blogger Bundle Volume VIII. Her latest book is Wedding His Takeover Target: Harlequin comics which was published in 2019.

If you want know where to start with Emilie Rose's collected works, we suggest More Than a Millionaire (The Hightower Affairs #1) and Shattered by the CEO (The Payback Affairs #1).

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