Angelique Anjou has been writing romance novels for over 15 years and has published 17 books in that time. Quite a few of her books fall within the genres fantasy, science fiction, erotica and aliens and are set in contemporary times.

A much liked series by Angelique Anjou are the contemporary fantasy Dragonshifters books, featuring breeding, paranormal, shapeshifters and royalty tropes. Another much read series are the contemporary erotica Phoenix Rising novels, which are also tagged with harems and anal sex. The most favourited books by Angelique Anjou are Phoenix Rising II, Orgasmizer9000 and Other Stories, Best of the Best Vol. I: Spring Fling and Dragon Love II. Her latest book is The Barbarians: Stolen Bride which was published in 2019.

If you want to dip your toes in Anjou's books, we suggest Tears of the Dragon (Dragonshifters #1) and Phoenix Rising II (Phoenix Rising #1).

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