K. Piet has published 22 books, with an average book rating of 3.66 /5 stars. Quite a few of her books fall within the genres fantasy, paranormal and erotica and are set in contemporary times.

A highly rated series by K. Piet are the contemporary erotica Catalyst books, featuring spanking, abuse, dark and bdsm tropes. Another highly rated series are the paranormal Immortal Symphony: Overture novels, tagged as fantasy, menage and erotica. The highest rated books by K. Piet are Love is Always Write: Volume One (Don't Read in the Closet Events), Love Is Always Write: Volume Five (Don't Read in the Closet Events), Daughters of Artemis and Overture: A Meeting of Fate. Her latest book is Sweethearts and Seduction which was published in 2014.

If you want to start reading K. Piet's oeuvre, why not try Catalyst (Catalyst #1) and Overture: A Meeting of Fate (Immortal Symphony: Overture #1).

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