J.R. Gray has published 22 books, with an average book rating of 4.01 out of 5 stars. Quite a few books belong to the genre erotica and are set in contemporary times. The novels regularly deal with relationship themes such as m-m.

A highly rated series by J.R. Gray are the contemporary Unscripted books, featuring m-m, age difference and friends to lovers tropes. Another highly rated series are the contemporary erotica Bound novels, tagged as bdsm and m-m. The most recommended books are Breach Of Contract, Pretty Obsessed, Unwritten and Rewritten. J.R. Gray's latest book is Pretty Obsessed which was published in 2021.

Want to know where to start? We suggest Rewritten (Unscripted #1) and Legally Bound (Bound #1).

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