Jacqueline D Cirque has been writing romance novels for 5 years. In total she has published 13 romance books.

A much liked series by Jacqueline D Cirque are the suspense Men In Uniform books, featuring men in uniform, urban, bdsm and erotica tropes. Another much read series are the historical shapeshifters Gothic Adult Fairy Tales novels, which are also tagged with strong heroine, bdsm, fem-dom and erotica. The most popular books by Jacqueline D Cirque are Captured (Dark Captive Erotica), Punished In A Coffin, Taken By Aliens and Red. Her latest book is Cold Embrace which was published in 2015.

If you want to dip your toes in Cirque's fiction, we suggest SWAT Team Menage (Men In Uniform #1) and Red (Gothic Adult Fairy Tales #1).

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