Jessie Ash has published 104 romance novels, with an average book rating of 3.56 out of 5 stars. Quite a few of her books fall within the genres f-f and science fiction and are set in futuristic times.

A highly rated series by Jessie Ash are the futuristic science fiction Gender Bender Tales books, featuring f-f, fantasy, paranormal and time travel tropes. The highest rated books by Jessie Ash are The feds made me wear this bikini, Trans Curious, Reading This Book Will Turn You into a Woman and Reading Chapter Six Will Turn You Into A Woman. Her latest book is Shifter Roomie : Gender Bender Tales which was published in 2020.

If you want a recommendation for Jessie Ash's output, you might like Micro Mini: The Future Date (Gender Bender Tales #1).

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