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  • Broken Veil (Veil of Two Worlds #1)

    Erin Maxwell

    ·  2015

    Our earth has barely survived devastating events. Through our carelessness, we left a door open to the Otherworld. Now we prepare for war…. Katheryn Tate is a survivor. She and hundreds of others like her struggle to rebuild their ravaged world while training to engage in yet another war. Denial and secrecy has kept her safe, but that is about to change. Jinn is drawn to a human he knows he should stay away from... more

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  • Infinite Possibilities Seduction

    Dawn White, Paige Matthews, Erin Maxwell, Stacey Floersheim, Rachel A. Olson, Lisa Logue, Katie Mayo-Jackson

    ·  2015

    The universe is not one; it is infinite. A multi-verse of possible lives where history and science can change our experiences and mold who we are. I am only one of many possible me’s that exist. I have lived, loved, and died a million times, and there are millions of other lives waiting to be led. My name is Ember Addams, and these are my sexy stories.