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  • Cross Your Mind (An Emerson Novel #3)

    K L Finalley

    ·  2017

    In CROSS YOUR FINGERS, Jacqueline Emerson, a successful editor of a regional Florida newspaper, finds herself attracted to her friend, Mallory Cummings. In CROSS YOUR HEART, Jacqueline and Mallory navigate through infatuation and curiosity while trying to determine where a future together might lead. In CROSS YOUR MIND, the dust has settled. Jacqueline and Mallory have become a couple and are mapping out a future... more

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  • Cross Your Heart (An Emerson Novel #2)

    K L Finalley

    ·  2016

    Jacqueline Emerson is strong, independent, successful. The once an idealistic, young reporter has become the Managing Editor of a nationally-acclaimed newspaper. She is in commanded of herself, her company, and her community. What she doesn’t know about is depending on someone, trusting someone, loving someone. Her love life had been a series of footnotes…until Mallory Cummings entered her life. Now, Jacqueline is in uncharted territory... more