Amelia Wilson has published 71 books since she began her writing career 3 years ago.

A much liked series by Amelia Wilson are the futuristic fantasy Sensual Abduction books, featuring paranormal, vampires, science fiction and witches tropes. Another popular series are the futuristic science fiction The Klaskians novels, which are also tagged with aliens. The most popular books by Amelia Wilson are Dark Magic Vampire Romance Collection: Paranormal Romance (Vampire Romance Boxed Set), A Rizer Wolfpack Series: Complete Shifter Romance Series, Ignition and Saved by the Dragon Queen: Dragon Shifter Romance (The Fate of the Dragons Series). Her latest book is Alpha Shifter Standalone Collection: Shifter Romance which was published in 2019.

If you want to get started with Wilson's books, we suggest Aeon Captive: Alien Menage Romance (Sensual Abduction #1) and The Alien Surrogate (The Klaskians #1).

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