Amanda Milo has published 17 novels since she began writing 3 years ago, with an average book rating of 4.07 /5 stars. Many of her books fall within the genres science fiction, aliens, erotica and romantic comedy and are set in futuristic times. The novels regularly feature alpha male, beta hero, possessive hero and strong heroine protagonists and deal with relationship themes such as insta-love.

A much liked series by Amanda Milo are the futuristic aliens Stolen by an Alien books, featuring humor, possessive hero, science fiction and erotica tropes. A second popular series are the futuristic science fiction Valos of Sonhadra novels, tagged as menage, fantasy, aliens and possessive hero. The best liked books by Amanda Milo are Abducted, Auctioned, & Stolen by an Alien, The (Alien) Nanny for Christmas, The Werewolf Nanny and Beth's Stable: A Reverse Harem Romance. Her latest book is The Werewolf Nanny which was published in 2020.

If you want to get started with Amanda Milo's work, we would recommend Abducted, Auctioned, & Stolen by an Alien (Stolen by an Alien #1) and Alluvial (Valos of Sonhadra #1).

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