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  • Betrayal (Secrets, Lies, and Deception #2)

    Heather Walsh

    ·  2018

    The steamy conclusion in the Secrets, Lies, & Deception Duet! For Katherine Collins, finding justice ended with heartbreaking consequences. Resigning from the BCI, she flees to New York City, determined to pick up the pieces. But the past refuses to stay buried. When the scandal surrounding her life publicly explodes on the heels of a horrifying murder, Kat becomes entangled in a decades old conspiracy that has chilling similarities to the present... more

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  • Deception (Lies & Deception #1)

    Heather Walsh

    ·  2017

    Fighting for justice... A seemingly innocent meeting in a café. A slowly executed seduction. A softly whispered demand to wear red to an upcoming benefit. When Investigator Katherine Collins discovers new evidence in a six-year-old murder, the significance is terrifying. Suspicious of ADA Stephen Chandler’s involvement, Kat succeeds in avoiding him until the night of the benefit, when Stephen’s biggest rival is the victim of an attempted murder. Fighting against temptation.. more