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  • Radio Sass TSU After Dark: Sassy Ever After

    TL Reeve, Michelle Ryan

    ·  2018

    Welcome to TSU After Dark... Natasha Nemescu is ready to start a new chapter of her life—even if it is a couple years later than she intended. As a new student at Turnskin University, she looked forward to her classes and a chance to join the new Co-ed Greek house she’d learned so much about while trying to find the right college for her. However, when she arrives nothing goes according to the plans she’s made. Her classes are at night... more

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  • Deadly Night: A Twisted Christmas Anthology (Twisted Anthologies #2)

    Stacy Jones, K.B. Everly, Angelique Armae, Cece Rose, E.M. Moore, Debbie Cassidy, Petra J. Knox, Nova Blake, Shae Banks, Jenee Robinson, Evelyn Belle, K.B. Wheelock, C.A. Storm, Tabitha Barret, CB Morrigan, LA Kirk, Lyn Forester, Rinna Ford, Joely Sue Burkhart, Jaliza A. Burwell, Richard Amos, TL Reeve, Michele Ryan, Sharon Stevenson, Lacey Carter Anderson, M.E. Turnbaugh

    ·  2018

    DEADLY NIGHT: A TWISTED CHRISTMAS ANTHOLOGY Not in the mood for your run-of-the-mill holiday romance? Maybe you don’t want a Christmas story with a happy ending? Or maybe you just like things to be a little darker? Look no further! Grab your hot cocoa, crawl under the blankets, and switch on your flashlight as you dive into 25 holiday themed short stories and poems that will give you a taste for the darker side of Christmas. Some might be scary. Some might be sexy... more

  • Extracting Mateo (Black Ops Project Root 2/Special Forces: Operation Alpha)

    TL Reeve, Michele Ryan

    ·  2019

    Noah Hanover doesn’t mix business with pleasure—ever. His relationship and subsequent marriage to Mateo Aquino, hasn’t even been a blip on his team’s radar. He enjoys the peace and quiet when he’s able to come home to his husband and telling anyone would destroy his secret double life. High school history teacher, Mateo Aquino, loves his job and his kids and is always willing to help anyone in need... more

  • Teacher: An Apache County Shifter Short Story (Apache County Shifters)

    TL Reeve, Michele Ryan

    ·  2018

    Danielle and Keeley are in desperate need of a teacher. Someone who can not only teach all of the children, but specifically one, Utah Blake. As a deaf tiger shifter, neither Keeley or Danielle have the skills needed to help the teen. And, since his father left to help Rapier find his mate, Utah has grown more introverted by the day. Mark Hill, teacher by day, author Orion Davis by night, knows he's the man for the job... more