Holly Stone is a new author. The debut novel was published in 2021. Since then 5 more books were published, with an average book rating of 4.50 out of 5 stars. Many books are set in contemporary times. The novels often feature super rich hero protagonists.

A highly rated series by Holly Stone are the contemporary Harrison Billionaires books, featuring super rich hero and anthologies tropes. A second popular series are the contemporary Bad Boys and Bachelors novels, tagged as super rich hero and anthologies. The highest rated books are Protector Secrets, Second Chance Secrets, Revenge Secrets and Hard Secrets. Holly Stone's latest book is Revenge Secrets which was published in 2021.

Want to know where to start? We would recommend Rebellious Secrets (Harrison Billionaires #1) and Hard Secrets (Bad Boys and Bachelors #1).

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