Rapture (Shadowdwellers #2)

by Jacquelyn Frank

4.24 ·
[?] · 18 ratings · Published: Jul 1st, 2009

Rapture by Jacquelyn Frank
Magnus is a man of contradictions - a spiritual leader in a warrior's body. To him, laws are for enforcing and visions must be followed - even if that means freeing a beautiful slave and making her his reluctant handmaiden. Betrayed once before, Magnus can barely bring himself to trust another woman. Yet Daenaira's fiery innocence is drawing them both into a reckless inferno of desire. Daenaira grew up hearing tales of a fearsome priest who seemed more myth than reality. But Magnus is very real - every inch of him - and so is the treachery surrounding them. Beneath Sanctuary's calm surface, an enemy is scheming to unleash havoc on the Shadowdwellers, unless Magnus trusts in a union ordained by fate, and sealed by unending bliss.
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  • contemporary 5
  • paranormal 5
  • alpha male 5
  • suspense 5
  • demons 5
  • vampires 5
  • magic 5
  • urban fantasy 5
  • fantasy 5
  • sassy heroine 1
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Rapture by Jacquelyn Frank