Beautiful Bad Man (Sutton Family #1)

by Ellen O'Connell

4.09 · 21 ratings · Published: Oct 19th, 2012  | 

Beautiful Bad Man by Ellen O'Connell
In 1866 on the empty Kansas prairie, two children shared a few desperate moments that changed their lives. For years afterward, each nursed a secret dream—that the other had grown into a special person—brave, good, kind.

When Norah Hawkins and Caleb Sutton cross paths again, dreams die. She is a bitter, suicidal widow. He is a gunman with little conscience and few scruples. Alternately angry, repelled, and attracted, the two form an uneasy partnership to hold land she owns and he covets against a marauding neighbor. Their bargain never included love, or did it?

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Beautiful Bad Man by Ellen O'Connell