Lord of Falcon Ridge (Viking Era #4)

Catherine Coulter

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Lord of Falcon Ridge by Catherine Coulter
Dear Reader:

When Chessa is kidnapped by Ragnor of York, Cleve sets out to rescue her. After all, he's the one who negotiated her marriage to William of Normandy, and his word is on the line. When a storm blows Chessa and her kidnappers onto Hawkfell Island, outrageous complications set in.

In the third novel of this Viking trilogy, Cleve of LORD OF RAVEN'S PEAK and Chessa of LORD OF HAWKFELL ISLAND first meet when Chessa is the princess of Ireland and Cleve has no kindle memories of his native Scotland, Cleve's goal becomes to return to Loch Ness to claim his inheritance.

But first, there is Chessa to be rescued and handed over to her rightful groom. When Cleve arrives at Hawkfell Island, he learns that Chessa not only refuses to marry Ragnor of York, she won't consider William of Normandy either. She wants to marry him! Her strategies to bring this about anticipates Machiavelli by 600 years.

Chessa and Cleve may be bullheaded, but they're no match for Ragnor of York, who will have you laughing at his abominable anties. One thing about Ragnor, he never knows when to say when.

All the characters from the first two Viking novels are back, all five years older now --- but not necessarily wiser --- and ready to stick their oars in Cleve's and Chessa's problems. And you'll have these questions answered: Is Cleve's father really a master sorcerer? Is there truly a Loch Ness monster?

Do enjoy. Let me know which of the three Viking novels you like best.

Catherine Coulter (The Author)
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