No Chance by Christy Reece

No Chance (Last Chance Rescue #4)

by Christy Reece

4.15 ·
Explicit open door [?] · 15 ratings · Published: 23 Feb 2010

No Chance by Christy Reece

Skylar James told a lie to the man she married, and eight years later she still bitterly regrets the deception. Unknown to Skylar, her husband, Gabe Maddox, now lives in the dangerous shadows of elite operatives who rescue victims. When Skylar tries to save a naïve young beauty, kidnappers come after her. For Gabe, Skylar had been his last shot at trust and love. But news of her disappearance battens down his anger and launches him into action. Saving Skylar is Gabe’s only chance for peace and his last chance for happiness.
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