Blood Domination (Blood Destiny #4)

by Connie Suttle

4.11 ·
[?] · 14 ratings · Published: 10 Oct 2011

Blood Domination by Connie Suttle
"To whom are you taking her?" Merrill asked, uncharacteristically curious.

"Dragon," Griffin grinned. I stared at Griffin, my mouth surely open in surprise. Dragon? There was somebody named Dragon? That didn't sound promising. Who named their kid Dragon?

Xenides has witnessed Lissa's talents first-hand and now he is desperate to find her. After all, under his compulsion, Lissa can topple governments and bring any race to its knees.

Wlodek understands Xenides' motives all too well. As a result, he looks to hide Lissa in perhaps the most unusual place of all....
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