Dating Outside Your DNA (Planet Nerak #4)

by Karen Kelley

3.50 · 2 ratings · Published: Dec 1st, 2009  | 

Dating Outside Your DNA by Karen Kelley
Special agent Roan Hendrix is a straight shooter with weapons and women, so he doesn't appreciate it when his boss throws him a curve. But what a curve. A half-human, half-Nerakian who needs a one-on-one crash course in how best to channel her powers. And while Roan's usually a master at separating business from pleasure, one glance into Lyraka's green eyes is enough to spark scorching fantasies of seriously close encounters with the tall, tanned temptress...Lyraka's trying not to mind the way Mister Macho Special Agent keeps barking orders, but it's impossible to ignore Roan's rough-and-ready appeal. The sensitive ponytail guys Lyraka grew up with didn't have a clue how to handle her outsized sex drive, but Roan looks like he'd be up to the task in every way. Better still, he never got the memo that Lyraka's human side makes her - ahem - 'special talents' even greater than the average Nerakian's...

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Dating Outside Your DNA by Karen Kelley