Phi Beta Bimbo

by Trish Jensen

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Phi Beta Bimbo by Trish Jensen
Who fares better in the workplace: the brassy bimbo or the plain Jane? Do blondes actually have more fun? For her doctoral dissertation, sociologist - and lifelong nerd - Leah Smith intended to find out. Trading in her mousy brown hair and flat chest for bleached locks and gravity-defying cleavage, she planned a little experiment. And mile-high stilettos, a pump-up bra, and one very sexy - and very suspicious - company man weren't going to trip her up.

Security specialist Mark Colson had been hired to ferret out corporate spies, and the newest employee at Just Peachy Cosmetics was Suspect #1 - posing as two different women, she was a total fake. Well, ditz or scholar, blonde or brunette, well-endowed or not, he would expose her. Except, she managed to stay one step ahead...until Mark realized to catch the brainy bombshell he'd have to reveal a few secrets of his own.

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Phi Beta Bimbo by Trish Jensen