Pulse - Part Two by Deborah Bladon

Pulse - Part Two (Pulse #2)

by Deborah Bladon

3.96 ·
[?] · 18 ratings · Published: 28 Jul 2014

Pulse - Part Two by Deborah Bladon
Nathan promised Jessica just one thing during those nights in his hotel room – sex unlike anything she had experienced before. She thought it would be simple, but with a man like Nathan, that’s not possible. He was complex, determined and too tempting to resist.

When her life intersects with his in the most unexpected way, she realizes that fate and chance don’t exist in his world. When Nathan wants something, or someone, he’ll have it, regardless of the cost.

As Jessica confronts the past she ran away from, the present that consumes her and what it all means for her future, one brief moment changes absolutely everything.

There is no one who can shield her from what happens next.
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