Project Date (Pillow Talk #1)

by Kate Perry

3.75 ·
· 8 ratings · Published: Sep 1st, 2007

Project Date by Kate Perry
Philomena Donovan just broke up with the perfect guy. Barry's rich, handsome, and sweet as can be. In short, he's wonderful...for somebody else. So it's bye-bye Barry - until Mena needs him back, not for romance, but to get one up on her superior sister, Daphne. There's just one hitch: Barry's met his soul mate - and it's not Philomena...Make Barry look bad in front of his new girlfriend and snag him on the rebound. Mena even spices up the brew by dating Barry's best friend, Rio. If this doesn't lure her ex back into the fold, nothing will. Then the unthinkable occurs...Love wasn't supposed to happen, not with Rio at least. Sure, he's gorgeous, funny, and smart, but someone who teaches boxing for a living will never get her parents' stamp of approval. And when Rio finds out what Mena's really been up to, it's time for some serious damage control. Now, if she wants to make things right, Philomena will have to start thinking with her heart...

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Project Date by Kate Perry