Pulse - Part Three by Deborah Bladon

Pulse - Part Three (Pulse #3)

by Deborah Bladon

3.96 ·
[?] · 18 ratings · Published: 28 Jul 2014

Pulse - Part Three by Deborah Bladon
Jessica wanted to believe Nathan was a changed man. The lust filled promises he made in bed are no match for the reality that she's now holding in the palm of her hand. Sex drives men like Nathan Moore. She suspected it, then experienced it and now there's absolutely no denying it.

She knows what the right thing to do is. He knows that he's never met anyone like her.

Jessica struggles to forget him as Nathan's desire for her consumes him. His compulsive need to possess her pushes him in ways that will change them both forever.

Just how far is Nathan Moore willing to go to have the one woman he claims he can't live without?
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