Pulse - Part Four by Deborah Bladon

Pulse - Part Four (Pulse #4)

by Deborah Bladon

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[?] · 18 ratings · Published: 28 Jul 2014

Pulse - Part Four by Deborah Bladon
The conclusion to The Pulse Series...

Jessica Roth thought she'd found the one man who could fulfill her in every way. He was gorgeous, controlling, amazing in bed and said everything that she desperately wanted to hear. That was, until she heard him say the one thing she never suspected was true.

Nathan Moore says he has his reasons for doing the things that break her heart. She knows that she can't continue to live in a world where nothing makes sense.

As Jessica weaves her way through a maze of lies, half-truths and coincidences, she begins to see everyone in her world for who they really are. Old friends become the enemy, new friends become allies and the one man she can't be close to, becomes the only person who can give her what she really needs.

They promised each other there would be no complications. It's a promise neither of them can keep.
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