13 Rounds (Knockout #2)

by Lauren Hammond

2.81 ·
· 10 ratings · Published: Jul 30th, 2013

13 Rounds by Lauren Hammond
This novella is book two in the Knockout Series.

Sean’s lips brush against the back of my neck and I suck in a deep breath as tremors of want travel down my arms and legs.

My stomach flutters, a field full of Monarchs flapping their wings.

Hot breath falls against my lower earlobe and I choke on a moan lodged between my tonsils and tongue. Sean lets out a raspy chuckle, followed by, “Somebody missed me.”

He has no idea how I ache for his touch when he’s not around.

He can’t even fathom the feeling of how my heart hangs heavy, pulling, weighing me down like an anchor drifting to the bottom of the ocean floor the second I feel the mattress dip down when he gets out of bed at night.

And that’s because I never know when or if he’ll ever come back.

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13 Rounds by Lauren Hammond