Moon's Flower (Kingdom #6)

Marie Hall

Rated: 4.29 of 5 stars
4.29 ·
[?] · 12 ratings · Published: 05 Jun 2014

Moon's Flower by Marie Hall
Overview Once upon a time, long, long ago a flower fairy looked to the sky and dared to fall in love with The Man in the Moon… Or so goes the tale that Danika weaves for the gathered fae children. Tonight is the night to learn a hidden tale of Kingdom. A story long forgotten, remembered by few. A tale of treachery, of love, betrayal and woe... but there's more to the story than meets the eye. This isn't just a tale of Jericho and Calanthe and their doomed Shakespearean romance, for tonight the truth of one beloved Kingdom character will be revealed.
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