Just This Once

Trish Jensen

3.50 ·
[?] · 2 ratings · Published: 25 Jun 2013

Just This Once by Trish Jensen
“Just This Once is a must-read for lovers of well-written, sensual, contemporary romance.” - Connie Ramsdell, Bookbug on the Web

Will she say Yes, just this once?

As a minister's daughter, Shannon Walsh was raised to say No to a lot of temptations with men at the top of that list. She's an adult now, making her own choices, but until Mr. Right comes along, she plans to keep resisting the call of the wild.

Then Rick Hardison moves in next door. The handsome rascal doesn't appear to have spent many hours inside a church, and he doesn't waste any time drawing Shannon inside his wickedly sexy arms. What's a good girl to do when the man of her dreams is a very bad boy? She decides to take a chance. But just this once.
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