by Sean Michael, Julia Talbot, B.A. Tortuga

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Mates by Sean Michael, Julia Talbot, B.A. Tortuga
Looking for a world where danger lurks around every corner, where Mates mean three werewolves taking on the world together, and where the men love their girls as much as they do each other? Look no farther than the Mates anthology. Julia Talbot presents Fur and Phobias, a story about a sweet girl named Abby with a terrible fear of dogs. Aaron thinks he might just be the one to cure her, but he and his lover, Lee, have a secret that may send Abby running for the hills. Can they work together to ease Abby's fears? In Sean Michael's Running with the Wolf, a roving pack of werewolves have made terrible trouble for artist Vicki, who's been bitten and has no idea what to do about it. Swan and Dibs know what to do, though, and the two boys are determined to help Vicki, whether she wants it or not. Can they show her what it's like to run with the wolf? Finally, BA Tortuga presents For Life, Jamie and Brett both know something terrible is about to happen to Melody, and they come back into her life after years spent apart, turning her carefully ordered world upside down. Someone is determined to make them pay for a mistake from the past, but these three are older and wiser now. Can they find a way to stay together? If you want compelling, hot werewolf stories, Mates is the book for you! Don't miss it!

'Mates' is tagged as:

  • contemporary 5
  • paranormal 5
  • erotica 5
  • urban fantasy 5
  • shapeshifters 5
  • menage 5
  • fantasy 5
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Mates by Sean Michael, Julia Talbot, B.A. Tortuga