Dragon's Den (Running in Fear #5)

by Trinity Blacio

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Dragon's Den by Trinity Blacio
Suzanne Butterfield wanted what her friend Tonya had. A man who knew how to control her life, worship her body and make her submit. Of course it helped that Tonya's man was an Alpha of his werewolf pack, built like a tank, and tall as a mountain. Did she dare enter the Dragon's Den Tonya told her about? A place where Vampire King Dominic ruled and demanded that all women who entered his play area submit to the men he entertained in all ways?

Dominic Hazelfield, a vampire king and dragon shifter, is a true master not only to his vampire kingdom, but in his BDSM club. By opening this club in New Orleans, Dominic believed he would finally find his true blood mate, that she would just walk into his den and submit her body and soul to him to care for. But what he didn't expect was a small human woman with curves that left him breathless. Let alone the fact he had three other males for mates also.

Archer Morganthe- Clan leader of the Florida Everglades Vampires - was a loner; only his right hand man knew of his longing for Dominic Hazefield. Finally within his reach, Archer not only discovers Dominic, but also Suzanne, Granger, and Blair. Archer didn't know how he was going to survive with so many around him, but somehow he would live to protect his mates.

Granger Iceshard-or as many called him behind his back, the Ice Man, listened to no one, claimed no clan. He was a drifter among vampires until the Madrigal party at Dominic's club. Always a ladies' man, Granger was confused by his body's overwhelming desire towards Dominic, Archer and Blair. The only problem was when he was confused, it only made him dangerous.

Blair Wellworth- Vampire warrior and wizard, could shift into any animal, and had long black hair with streaks of white in it. Only his family knew of their secret, but with the threat of danger to one of their Kings - Dominic - Blair opened his closed heart for the love of his companions.

The five of them come together, not only to protect each other, but to prepare for what the Goddess of Vampires, Empusa, has warned them about - the war between good and evil.

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Dragon's Den by Trinity Blacio