Sex By The Numbers

by Lynn Richards

3.33 · 6 ratings · Published: Feb 28th, 2014  | 

Sex By The Numbers by Lynn Richards
A Mandingo Club? Emily had never heard of such a thing. But her friends assured her that even a big girl like her might get lucky. Having lived a very sheltered life, Emily was more than ready for a lesson on the opposite sex!

Eric didn’t know why the hell he’d let his brother drag him to a Mandingo Club. Possibly because it had been over a year since he’d hooked up with someone. But he’d grown tired of superficial relationships and one night stands. He was ready for a commitment. Ready to find “the one”. He was ready for a real relationship.

He was overpowering, potent, sinfully male. And his virility surrounded her like a fog, locking her in sensual haze that had nothing to do with the alcohol she’d consumed. An inner voice screamed loudly for her to shed her inhibitions, tamp down her fear, and follow this man wherever he led.

WARNING: This book intended for mature audiences only.

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  • curvy heroine 6
  • contemporary 5
  • humor 5
  • erotica 5
  • alpha male 5
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Sex By The Numbers by Lynn Richards