Midnight Enchantment (Midnight #4)

by Nancy Gideon

4.00 · 2 ratings · Published: Dec 1st, 1999  | 

Midnight Enchantment by Nancy Gideon
After a 400 year existence as a vampire, Gerard Pasquale wants only to be left alone to shadow the midnight streets of turn of the century New Orleans . . . until blackmail binds him to a mortal bride who throws his dark world into an upheaval. Certain he can escape the unwanted bargain through the treacherous terms he makes, Gerard discovers his new wife may not be as helpless to resist his will as he at first believes! Haunted by a whispered past of witchcraft and voodoo, Laure Cristobel became a bride out of necessity; to protect herself and the unborn child she carries. Though alarmed to find herself wed to a monster, she's dangerously close to falling in love with the man he once was . . . the man she hopes she can make him once again through her own magic skills.

'Midnight Enchantment' is tagged as:

  • vampires 10
  • paranormal 10
  • fantasy 10
  • historical 5
  • urban fantasy 5
  • witches 5
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Midnight Enchantment by Nancy Gideon