His Challenging Lover (The Thorpe Brothers #4)

by Elizabeth Lennox

4.08 · 10 ratings · Published: Jan 17th, 2014  | 

His Challenging Lover by Elizabeth Lennox
Xander Thorpe, the second oldest, is the best divorce attorney in the business. But he’s haunted by the always lovely Autumn Hallman, the uber-efficient office manager for The Thorpe Group. Their arguments in the office have become epic.

Autumn hates it every time some beautiful women walks through the doors of The Thorpe Group because she knows that the woman is Xander’s latest fling. She refuses to let Xander get to her, hating him for his philandering ways. She tries to initiate an office truce, but the dratted man just keeps on bringing his lady loves into the office! In her mind, it is unprofessional and she’s not afraid to confront him!

But what happens when their true feelings for each other break through their fighting?

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His Challenging Lover by Elizabeth Lennox