1st Chance

by Elizabeth Nelson

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1st Chance by Elizabeth Nelson
Absolute passion.
A deep connection.
Those are the things Anna and Nate feel for each other as soon as they get the chance to be together the first time away from the limelight of Nate’s fame as a rock-star. But their past—Nate’s volatile breakup with Anna’s best friend, Becky—seems to mean they are destined to be apart.

They can’t seem to accept that truth, even when it’s staring them straight in their faces. Nate struggles with the idea of continuing to exist on one night stands with faceless groupies, and Anna gets a thrill from going to his shows and seeing him afterward. But she has to keep it all a secret from Becky, who knows everything about her.

Should Anna listen to the warnings and be glad she dodged a bullet, or will she take the risk and act on her feelings? Will Nate be able to prove his loyalty to one woman, or will he be continually sucked into the rock-star life and find himself in bed with a different woman in each city?

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1st Chance by Elizabeth Nelson