The Submission of Little Emmie

by Zoe Blake

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The Submission of Little Emmie by Zoe Blake
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"I want you to listen very carefully. According to the law, I own you. I am responsible for every facet of your life. I clothe, feed and shelter you. You do nothing without my knowledge or permission. Some men treat a marriage as a partnership; I am not one of those men. This is not a partnership. For generations the men in my family have chosen to honor this responsibility by treating their women as little girls, controlling every aspect of their life. This is now your new life. You will be treated like my very special little girl. I will control when and how you will be bathed, what you will wear, when you sleep, what you eat. I will control everything. Do you understand me?"

Such is Emily's introduction to marriage with the mysterious man who shows up to claim her from an unhappy home not long after her eighteenth birthday. Lord Richard Burkewood is not looking for a traditional wife, but a little girl that he can pamper and punish and train. Emily becomes Emmie under his care, and begins her path to complete submission at the hands of her "Papa" and nanny, Mrs. Pew. This sexually- charged Victorian age play by new author Zoe Blake is so richly detailed that readers can almost imagine themselves experiencing the erotic sexual pleasures and torments Emily faces as she relinquishes total control to the powerful Lord Burkewood.

This is a must-read debut for anyone who loves the age play genre. If you've never read an age play book, this will be the one to get you hooked.

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  • erotica 5
  • spanking 5
  • bdsm 5
  • virgin heroine 5
  • fetish 5
  • dark 2
  • f-f 2
  • anal sex 1
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The Submission of Little Emmie by Zoe Blake