A Dangerous Compromise (Compromise Series #2)

by Shannon Donnelly

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A Dangerous Compromise by Shannon Donnelly
"Delicious, delightful, and devilishly good reading..." -- Emily Hendrickson, author of The Rake's Revenge

Reformed rakes make the best husbands--or do they?

The beautiful and willful Clarissa is on the hunt for a rake who an reform, and can give her the passion she needs to keep from becoming a vain, unhappy woman like her mother. When she meets Lord Wolviston, the ‘lone wolf’, she he might be it. No other man makes her heart beat so fast.

But can she reform his wicked ways...and is he even all that wicked?

Is he out to save her heart, or keep it for himself?

The new Lord Wolviston has come to London to sow a few belated wild oats. When he overhears that a beauty won't look twice at a respectable gentleman, he decides she needs a lesson--and this is just the lark he wanted. He’ll pretend to be a rake she won’t be able to reform.

But he starts to glimpse the passionate woman underneath Clarissa’s defenses..and then she attracts a real rake to her side. Now he must save Clarissa from herself. But how can he do that when he’s starting to want to seduce her himself?

Award of Excellence Finalist
Holt Medallion Finalist
Laurel Wreath Finalist

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A Dangerous Compromise by Shannon Donnelly