Thorneless (Rose of Thorne #2)

by Mia Michelle

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Thorneless by Mia Michelle
I hate him. I love him.

God, how I hate that I still love him, but it’s true, I do. My parents, my life, my happiness, my heart, he has now officially taken all of them from me. In a matter of seconds, my life went from completely perfect to a full fledge nightmare, seeping of lies and deceit.

Yes, it’s true. I am the wilting dying Rose that once belonged to Sebastian Thorne. He had given me back my life, but little did I know, he was the very one who had taken it all away from me in the first place.

I hate him…I love him.

I never expected Lucas Drake to walk back in my life, when I was at my lowest and darkest point. He promises to help me heal this pain inside of me and give me back my life. In order to do that, he thinks that I need to get away from this town and maybe he is right. There is absolutely nothing left for me here in Austin, except painful memories, and of course, Sebastian. If I am to survive this, I must do the one impossible thing.

I, Skylar Rose, must become… Thorneless.

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Thorneless by Mia Michelle