by Nenia Campbell

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Tantalized by Nenia Campbell
The covetous man pines in plenty...

Nineteen and suicidal, Jessica Abrahams is in no state to be left on her own, let alone attend an upper-tier university. Her snobby parents disagree, and send her packing in spite of her - and her psychiatrist's - protests. Now Jessica's off her meds again, and liable to do anything...even start an affair with her handsome Comparative Literature professor.

Half-French, half-English, and all easy charm, Alexander Delacroix is used to coasting in life. At first he's amused when one of his students unknowingly makes a pass at him, especially after she's just disparaged his curriculum in the same breath. But soon he finds himself intrigued by her as well. Just who is this sullen, beautiful girl, who sits the front row of his lecture hall and wears long sleeves even in summer?

Jess knows she's fucked up, but she just can't help herself. What she doesn't know is that Professor Delacroix is just as fucked up as she is. The Sword of Damocles hangs over both their heads, but to two such doomed and damaged people their destruction may be irresistible - and inevitable.

Warning: Contains triggers, anal/anal play, BDSM, hard play, needle play, references to drug and alcohol abuse, cutting and suicidal behavior, and content not appropriate for those under 18.

'Tantalized' is tagged as:

  • dark 6
  • contemporary 5
  • erotica 5
  • cheating 5
  • abuse 5
  • bdsm 5
  • anal sex 5
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Tantalized by Nenia Campbell