Scandal (The Ivy #4)

by Lauren Kunze, Rina Onur

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Scandal by Lauren Kunze, Rina Onur

You know you're not the author of the "Ivy Insider" articles.
But how are you going to prove it?

Callie Andrews returns from spring break to find herself facing expulsion. Someone has framed her as the author of a series of anonymous articles vilifying an elite social club and now, unless she can prove her innocence, she can kiss her college education good-bye. So who is the Ivy Insider?

the girl who has had it out for Callie since day one

the guy who told her he loved her (at least she thought she heard that) but then he vanished in the middle of the night

his friendship supersedes his hatred for social clubs—right?

Callie's best frenemy

. . . or is it someone else entirely? Callie's made more than a few enemies during her freshman year, but can she count on her true friends—and the (missing, just-maybe-meant-to-be) love of her life—to pull through?

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Scandal by Lauren Kunze, Rina Onur