Mississippi Madness

by Eugenia Riley

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: May 1st, 1989  | 

Mississippi Madness by Eugenia Riley
HE SAVED HER LIFE … THEN TAUGHT HER TO LOVE… — A rare man indeed, this Jared Hampton. Reckless, gallant, and afraid of no one, he not only pulled half-naked Jasmine Dubroc, a penniless orphan, from the black depths of the Mississippi River, but dared to proclaim her a lady … and the queen of his heart! Relentlessly he pursued her, and though she threatened him with utter mutiny, his fiery kisses and gentle touch left her weak with desire … and yearning for the shelter of his arms. Yet soon Jasmine would be thrust into the role of rescuer. For the cruel scoundrel who had stolen her wealth and nearly robbed her of life would return, bent on casting into smoldering ruins her dreams of happiness. To save those dreams, to keep her hero alive, Jasmine knew she must resort to any scheme … even if it meant tricking Jared himself in an act of brazen deception he may never forgive…

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Mississippi Madness by Eugenia Riley